Tuesday, March 8, 2011

snow,snow and more snow!

can u see my mailbox,across the street.

this was monday morning 
march 7,2011
i got a call from my son's
 stupid school
 @ 5:30 am. i was
 thinking"who the hell
 would call me that early?
my front door,taken from the window
" usually i'm
the only 1 who
 gets u early,lol.

the automated call was
saying school
closed for the day.
then i looked out my
back window and
there was @ least
two feet on my fuel
u can't even see the bottom level of my cart!
my son's kitty looking out,Zippy said BRRRR!
tank,where there
was no snow there
 @ all the night before.
 we had a 2 day warm
 up. thank god or
 place would have 
been buried! lol

our camper

wait,there's the bottom! lol

my side yard,can u find my son's van?

all mine to the fence,i have a 1/3 of an acre.

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