Friday, March 11, 2011

you wanna "pizza me"

cheesy bread
i made calzones last night for supper. i had left over dough after making 3 huge calzones,so i rolled the dough out,like i did the calzones. i grated some parm on it(the whole piece surface of the dough. then i sprinkled mozz on it and added a few crushed black olives. i rolled it up like u do cinnamon rolls or my pizza rolls. instead of cutting into rolls,i folded it in half  and put it  into a dish and let it rise. it was awesome. im including my pizza dough recipe,and how 2 make my "pizza rolls" that i spread cheese whiz on.
my daughter found this recipe,a few years back.
it came from a Regal Ware bread maker book,which we dont even own a Regal Ware,lol.
i'm a recipe book person. i needed more recipes,so i picked it up @ a yard sale or something. any ways,i make pizzas,calzones and my "pizza rolls" which are the savory cousin of cinnamon rolls,with cheese whiz as it's icing.
raw pizza rolls,btw dont mind my stove,its old!
my pizza rolls i make like the cheese bread, adding different pizza ingredients. i use 1/2 the dough for each long roll. i roll it out should be about 13-14 inches long and @ least a foot in width. add ur ingredients 1 @ a time,covering all but 1/2 inch or so around the edge. after i roll it up,i seal the end of the sheet of dough with water. i also seal the ends of the roll,but u shouldn't need water. i cut it into 1 inch rolls. i spray some oil on the cookie sheet and put twelve on each sheet. separated like cookies,let rise 30 minutes in a warm spot. bake @ 425 20 - 30 minutes. they will look a little light brown.
pizza rolls,1 w/cheese whiz,1 plain

 9-11 ozs  water
 3/4 tsp     salt
3 tbsp       olive oil
4 cups      flour
2 tsp        yeast

combine all ingredients into bread pan by your bread maker instructions. OR sprinkle yeast on warm(not hot) water then add the rest of the ingredients. turn out onto floured board or just the shelf. knead for about 10 minutes. put into greased bowl and let it rest @ least 10 minutes. then you can use it.


  1. that cheesy bread looks good haha. check out my blog.

  2. Lynn, My 15 yr. old son devours anything that contains cheez whiz! These pizza rolls are on the menu as soon as it is cool enough to turn on the oven.

    Jan at The Paisley Cupcake

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