Monday, February 21, 2011

almost a disaster

               So i made my sweet potato rolls, i make my dough in my bread maker. i opened the bread maker & there sits my dough,not risen. i said to my daughter,why the hell did'nt they rise,amber asks "did u add the yeast?"
lol  no i did'nt. dont ask me where my head was. anyways the dough looked really good,so i dissolved the yeast in 1/4 cup of warm water with a tsp of sugar. when the yeast was activated i slowly folded it into the dough,added a little more flour & set it out to rise. it rose,woo hoo!
                 my mom's beans were not as forgiving as i hoped. amber said "they taste good,mom,but thier texture is like other peoples beans" sadly she is right. we like when the beans get mushy,so only boiling a 1/2 hour b4 putting them into the oven does not allow them to soften as much.
                 we did how ever,all three of us sit here and enjoy the beans & rolls. my son had 2 huge helpings! im going 2 have beans for lunch and of course a couple more

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