Sunday, February 20, 2011

SUNDAY day of rest?

thank god my daughter sorted & soaked my beans last night,lol. ive already boiled them with baking soda & started them on the stove. i only able to boil them half an hour,instead of a whole hour,so when i get home from church im gonna boil them another half hour. my mom's beans r pretty forgiving.
       it is freezing outside,i opened the door to let my cat in and got a freezing gust of wind! brrr church starts at 9:30,but my neighbor prefers to be there early. so off ill go @ 8:30. BTW, the church is literly around the corner. i can see it from my place on the next street. i would walk,but as i mentioned it is maybe 15-20 f  degrees out today!! and 2 be honest with u the quiet time i have @ church,reading my book,is nice. omg, i can smell those yummy beans. the salt pork i got was like 5 inches thick,i had originally thought it was 2 smaller pieces,lol. but it had lots of lean on it. well im off to my methodist church for hymns & stories! oh,btw im going to take a picture of my beans and add it to the baked bean recipe blog.
   well im back from church. i realized that i never covered my beans when i tossed them in the oven! i have them boiling 4 the next half hour. they looked kinda brown but they "juice" taste like it supposed 2 so i think they will be ok. like i said my mom's beans r very forgiving.

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