Monday, February 28, 2011

Cabot Cheddar Soda Bread from King Arthur

i got this on my facebook this morning,through CABOT  and just had 2 share it with u all. 1 of the recipes i got 1 day led me to thats how Lynn's Small Town Life was born! i love cheese almost any kind,even the stinky 1s and the moldy 1s. but my all time favorite cheese is cheddar and my all time favorite brand is CABOT and NO, cabot is not paying me to say that,lol. it's just a fact. my friend moved from VT to NC to FLA. she begged me 2 send her cabot cheddar. i mailed her 2 pounds. she savored it for 2 months! anyways here's the recipe,i think im gonna make it this week,enjoy!
cabot cheddar soda bread
btw CABOT and KING ARTHUR are both VERMONT companies.
 this bread is very delishous. especially fresh from the oven with butter on it! mmmmm
this is a pic of what it looked like when i made it.
btw this bread makes a great little snack. it fills that hole till dinner time. and it doesn't take much 2 fill full.

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