Saturday, February 26, 2011

stuck inside making yummy treats

i am including a recipe for "corn starch pudding".  i did'nt have any cook and serve vanilla pudding on hand,so i made it homemade. the recipe wasn't on the box so i googled 1. here's the link...
homemade vanilla pudding  calculate it @ 5 servings. make this pudding to the point where you remove it from heat and add the butter and vanilla also add 1/2 cup peanut butter. if u made it this way,your filling is done. pour into a pre-baked pie shell.(recipe below) then go on to next step for the topping.

1 box pudding(2 cups milk to make 1 box)
2 cups milk
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla(optional)
1 single crust pie dough(recipe below)

make baked pie crust 1st (recipe below)
mix milk and pudding in saucepan follow pkg directions. remove from heat when done. add the peanut butter and the vanilla,mix until well blended. i use a whisk. i add the vanilla to make it taste more homemade.         (topping made w/milk,below)

6 ounces chocolate chips
2 tbsp cream (you can use milk,it's just not as creamy)

put cream and chips in a microwave safe bowl.
heat 30 seconds,stir. depending how soft they are you might have to heat them longer. 15 seconds @ a time. you want them melted and  mixed smooth.
spread on cooled pie. you can decorate the pie if
you wish. i just threw some peanuts on top.

how lucky am i, i usually use my betty crocker
cook book for pie crust. i have found that recipe online @ betty crocker. so heres the link...
pastry for pies and tarts

please enjoy this pie. it's really easy to make. if u are afraid of rolling out pie dough,ect. then buy a ready made,they even have them already in a pie plate in the freezer section. i've done it. or u can use a graham cracker crust .btw, i made 2 of these pies yesterday. 1 is for the friend that plows my drive way and 1 for us. i wanted to show you that the food i make rarely comes out perfect,my crust is "rustic" lol. as long as it taste good and calling it "rustic" or "peasent" food helps to explain your screw ups in a nice light,lol. i need to make a potluck thing for church tomorrow. oh and i made a coffee flavored cake yesterday and put on my "fudge" attemp that ended up like frosting. it was good. look for it in the future on here. possible a coffee fudge im currently working on.

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  1. every one @ the church's pot luck that ate my pie,loved it! i was glowing with pride!