Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my 1st post

this is my 1st post on my blog page. i am hoping u can all bear with me.
i love 2 cook & bake. i can't wait 2 share my recipes with everyone.
i also have alot of advice & opinions & needed 2 express them some where.
im a single mom. i have a daughter who is 27,28 next month in march. i also have a son who is 15,teenage boys r worst than teen age girls,believe me! i have dog,cats & a guinia pig. i go to a methodist church that treats us all like family. ive always wanted 2 live in a small town,now i do. i used 2 live 10 miles away in a small city. im so glad that life took me here. the city we used 2 live in has tripled in crime since we moved almost 10 years ago. i will write more later,since i have 2 finish making my blogspot page,lol.

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